Elvis Stojko: The One and Only Quad God!


Elvis Stojko is the King of the Ice, the God of the Quad, the best skater that has ever lived!

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This Photo Copyright To Gerard Chataigneau
Appears Courtesy of Figure Skating Calendar


This is a picture that my nephew drew of Elvis.  He was visiting one day and I of course was watching a tape of Elvis and he was inspired to draw this picture of him.  He's only 9, isn't it great!!  I told him he did such a good job that I would put it up on my website so that everyone could see what a good artist he was and he has been very excited to see it up here.  By the way he told me that the reason Elvis' jacket is so wide is because he skates so fast that it's always blowing in the wind, lol, and the reason his arms and legs are out is because he's jumping in the air (I think he was watching him do that splits thing when he started drawing the picture).  Anyway I am a very proud aunt so I wanted to show off my nephew's great artwork!

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I made this site to pay tribute to my favorite skater of all time!  It started out as a site that focused on musical slideshows which I enjoy making and hopefully you'll enjoy watching.  As I've learned more about site building the site has grown to include much more than just slideshows and hopefully you'll check out all the other areas as well and enjoy them too. 

Billy Klippert - Canada's Newest Music Sensation!
Photo Appears Courtesy of Orange Record Label.
Billy Klippert is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who has now been signed to the fantastic Orange Record Label.  His debut CD was released on June 15th and is available in music stores across Canada.  If you are from outside of Canada check out the page 'Another Talented Canadian' for information on how you can own Billy's fabulous debut album.  Billy's current single Levon is at the top of the charts on many Canadian radio stations, please request the song on your local radio station too.

NEW THIS WEEK:  I've updated the 'Another Talented Canadian' page.  Sorry no new updates on my Elvis stuff but I'm on holidays in a week so hopefully at that time I'll be able to focus on bringing back the slideshows that went down and possibly add a new one.